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Transgenic Mouse

Research Scientist

Kevin Draves, B.S.

Essential tools for research

Transgenic mice are an essential component of the innate immune researcher's toolbox.

This Core provides CIIID researchers with transgenic mice which have mutations in innate immune genes or adaptive immune genes linked with specific immune diseases.

The core also implements pilot studies using these mouse lines. Conditional knockin floxed (fl/fl) mice targeted for key innate immune genes are being produced. Cre recombinase mouse lines for selectively removing innate immune genes from specific cells/tissues also are being produced. These mouse lines are maintained by the core to the highest quality control standards. Mouse models useful for preclinal studies in innate immunity also are  being developed. The Transgenic Mouse Core provides genetically modified mice for innate immune research. Genetically modified mice are important in studying human diseases and in helping scientists collect data needed to develop new drugs and perform preclinical studies.