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Core Scientists

Daniel Newhouse


Immuno-informatics is the intersection between experimental immunology and computational biology.

Assembling and integrating enormous volumes of research data is fundamental to increasing our understanding immune function. So is creating models of disease states based upon these data sets. This core works with CIIID researchers to sort through the data to identify specific gene functions within innate immune response networks that might be targets for therapy. It also identifies immune response gene networks from high-throughput data sets to identify biomarkers that allow us to assess how the immune system responds to infection, trauma, cancer and treatment.

The immunoinformatics core is staffed by a bioinformatics group that operates a pipeline of study design consultation and computational support including data analysis, data storage, and computational biology to CIIID members. The Core and this pipeline support all aspects of high throughput data analysis from high throughput data sets, including next generation sequencing studies, high throughput screening of cells and compounds, “omics” analyses, and other applications relevant to innate immunity. The Immuno-informatics Core provides consultation to CIIID members in study design, and works directly with members to implement, bioinformatics analysis of data sets, and computation modeling.