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CIIID Director Dr. Michael Gale Jr. Named one of the Most Highly Cited Researchers of 2019

For the third year in a row, Dr. Michael Gale Jr. remains one of the most highly cited researchers in the world. Dr. Gale is a Professor with the University of Washington Department of Immunology, as well as the Director of the Center for Innate Immunity and Immune Disease (CIIID).


Despite the development of effective therapeutics, HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, remains a major threat to humans worldwide. 37.9 million people are currently living with HIV, with 770,000 people dying of AIDS each year.  A cure for HIV is essential, but has not been made.  To better combat HIV, and to inform the development of new and better antiviral drugs to treat infection, an international group of scientists, led by Dr. Michael Gale, Jr., at the University of Washington, and Drs.

CIIID Leadership Team Welcomes new CIIID Associate Director, Tomas Mustelin

The CIIID Leadership team has appointed Dr. Tomas Mustelin to serve as Associate Director of CIIID.  Dr. Mustelin has a strong leadership background and significant translational research experience that will truly benefit the Center.  Dr. Mustelin will replace Dr. Edward Clark who is now our Emeritus Associate Director and Advisor. We thank Dr. Clark for his years of service in leadership and for being a founding member and Associate Director of the CIIID.

New program will focus research on combating Zika virus

A new program delving into how viruses and bacteria attack the fetus, and how the body fights back, has been created at UW Medicine. The research program was made possible after two UW Medicine researchers received almost $19 million in National Institutes of Health grants over the past several months.