We link multiple biomedical disciplines for research, training, and program development in the field of innate immunity.

Affiliate Core

Seattle Genomics

(SG) is a service core at the University of Washington that provides custom sequencing and data analysis solutions. SG maintains multiple instruments including two next generation Illumina sequencers (NextSeq 500 and Miseq), an Agilent Microarray Feature extractor system,  a Beckman FX automation workstation, robotics liquid handling systems for high throughput, and extensive bioinformatics services.

SG is a component of the Washington National Primate Research Center and is operated by the Division of NHP Systems Biology in the laboratory of Michael Gale, Jr.  For additional information about Seattle Genomics and their services, visit their website at https://www.seattlegenomics.com/ or email info@seattlegenomics.com



Interleukin-1β Induces mtDNA Release to Activate Innate Immune Signaling via cGAS-STING.

Michael Gale Jr., Ph.D.
Mol Cell
Mar 2019

Interferon lambda 4 expression is suppressed by the host during viral infection

Ram Savan, Ph.D.
J Exp Med. 2016 Oct 31. pii: jem.20160437
Oct 2016