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Associate Directors

Ed Clark, Ph.D.

Keith Elkon, M.D.


The goal of the CIIID Administration is to maintain the infrastructure of the CIIID to sustain and support its research.

Leadership is the key to the success of the CIIID. Center leadership functions to develop and enhance the research cores, the scientists that conduct and analyze the research, and the infrastructure that sustain and support its growth. The Center is directed by Michael Gale, Ph.D., with support from co-directors Keith Elkon, M.D. and Ed Clark, Ph.D., and Renee Ireton, CIIID administrator.

As a nationally-recognized research hub, the role of the Center administration is to: 

  • Advance the research mission of the Center
  • Raise the profile of the center and it’s faculty through the participation in National and international Symposia, as well as hosting research seminars for scientific interaction in our community
  • Report and respond to research funding opportunities to support scientific advancement for all Center faculty
  • Maintain the day-to-day operations of Center research activities, facilities and equipment and personnel
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive website for the CIIID (, which distributes research findings and other information, advertise the research cores and serve as a resource for public outreach activities.