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Shawn Iadonato, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Kineta, Inc.


Lindsie Goss, Ph.D., Technology Manager, Life Sciences, CoMotion

From Bench to Bedside

The Translation Core is committed to translating basic research in innate immuity into the initial phase of new therapeutic design. 

The Translation core brings basic discoveries in innate immunity forward into preclinical development. The Core links with UW CoMotion and industry partners to evaluate CIIID member technology for development toward licensing and commercial production to clinical application (Bench to Bedside), and to evaluate models of clinical problems of innate immunity for therapeutic application (Bedside to Bench).  Here, the development and preclinical/clinical findings are discussed with Core members, experimental approaches for preclinical testing and development are planned in consultation with CIIID industry partners, and are then conducted within CIIID Core Facilities. Novel genes / proteins / pathways of innate immunity that underlie the clinical problem are developed for clinical application to bring CIIID discoveries back to benefit the patient.