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Signaling & Human Cell Transgenics

Access to human tissue samples

The Core has partnered with the UW Medicine Solid Organ Transplant Infectious Disease Program to provide CIIID members and affiliates access to human tissues for innate immune-directed studies.

The Signaling and Human Cell Transgenics Core provides a range of modified cell lines and signaling assays for use by CIIID members. The core also facilitates procurement of human tissues and primary human cells for research application in cell signaling and response studies. We work closely with UW Medicine clinical partners for tissue collection and cell recovery from human patients. We maintain a growing collection of cell lines for innate immunity and immune disease research application, including immortalized and cancer cell lines. The Core specializes in creating stable transgenic cell lines with targeted gene deletions or modifications using CRISPR/Cas9 technology and shRNA technology, and expressing specific promoter/reporter genes for application to innate immunity research. In addition, the Core provides a variety of innate immunity signaling assays for research application to CIIID members.