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Darrick Carter, Ph.D.

836 NW 64TH • SEATTLE, WA 98107
(206) 714-2724
Darrick Carter, Ph.D.

Dr. Carter’s research interests include small molecule drug and biologics production, development and commercial deployment. His lab works on production, scale-up and finishing of recombinant vaccine antigens where products are being developed for neglected diseases like lymphatic filariasis (“LFGuard™”), onchocerciasis (The TOVA project), and the Schistosomiasis vaccine, SchistoShield®. In addition he is working on host directed therapy using RNA delivery and innate sensing of RNA’s with the company HDT Bio Corp. Finally, the main thrust of his research is developing new adjuvants using various TLR agonists with a focus on TLR3 and TLR4 as well as formulating RIG-I agonists to produce a  new generation of safe and effective adjuvants for commercial use.

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