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Nichole R. Klatt, Ph.D.

University of Miami Department of Pediatrics | Batchelor Children’s Research Institute | 1580 NW 10th Avenue, Miami, FL 33136

Lab Staff

Tiffany Henlsey-McBain (graduate student, Molecular and Cellular Biology)
Ryan Cheu (graduate student, pharmaceutics)
Ana Leda, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Jen Manuzak, Ph.D. (Research Assistant Professor)
Ernesto Coronado (Research Scientist)
Courtney Broedlow (Research Scientist)
Nichole R. Klatt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, University of Washington | Core Scientist, Washington National Primate Research Center (WaNPRC), University of Washington

The Klatt research lab specifically focuses on understanding mechanisms underlying mucosal immune dysfunction and alterations in the microbiome during HIV infection, and developing novel therapeutic interventions to treat HIV disease pathogenesis and reservoir, and prevent HIV acquisition.

The complex interactions between the epithelial barrier, the microbiome, mucus and immune cells are critical for protection from disease. The focus of my lab is to understand mechanisms underlying mucosal dysfunction, microbiome dysbiosis and altered immunity in mucosal tissues (mainly gastrointestinal and female reproductive tracts), and how these defects contribute to HIV transmission and pathogenesis. Our ultimate goal is to improve prevention and treatment strategies for HIV infection.

Associated Research: