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Jennifer M. Lund, Ph.D.

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Lab Staff

Jessica Graham
Laura Pattacini
Laura Spuhler
Andreia Costa
Tisha Graham
Jessica Swarts
Jennifer M. Lund, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor, Global Health, University of Washington | Associate Member Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center

The focus of the Lund lab is on elucidating the basic mechanisms of immunity in the context of virus infection. Specifically, we use a mouse model to study how regulatory T-cells affect the anti-viral immune responses to genital HSV-2, influenza, and West Nile virus. Additionally, we are investigating the immune correlates of protection from HIV infection using a cohort of exposed seronegative individuals, as well as the potential immune modulatory effects of using pre-exposure prophylaxis in protection from HIV acquisition. Overall, we hope that our studies will lead to improved clinical interventions for virus infections of public health importance.

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