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Javeed Ali Shah, M.D.

(206) 617-3418
Javeed Ali Shah, M.D.
Acting Instructor, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Washington

Javeed is interested in understanding the genetic mechanisms that influence susceptibility to infectious disease and vaccine responses.  He determines how common polymorphisms in innate immune and cellular stress response genes influence the immune response using a host of cell immunology and molecular biology techniques.  Further, he identifies the function of these genes and the mechanisms by which they impact susceptibility to human infections. 

Research Projects - 

Current projects are focused on the innate immune response to tuberculosis and leprosy. The goal of this research is to identify immune mechanisms that make certain populations more or less susceptible to severe disease phenotypes than others.  To this end, he has identified polymorphisms in a critical stress response gene, TOLLIP, that alters the cytokine response within leprosy granulomas that impact susceptibility to disease.  He has also determined that TOLLIP influences the cellular immune response to the vaccine BCG in a cohort of South African infants.  To complement these population-based studies, Javeed uses genetic editing of cell lines and primary cells as well as molecular biology techniques to pinpoint polymorphisms of interest.  The goal of these studies is to determine critical molecular pathways that may be novel targets for therapeutic intervention.

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