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Eric Butz, Ph.D.

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Eric Butz, Ph.D.
Head of Biomarkers and Consulting Immunologist at CELIMMUNE, LLC — Bethesda, MD and Lebanon, NJ | Founding Principal at CASCADE IMMUNOBIOLOGY, LLC – Seattle, WA

Dr. Butz is the Founding Principal at Cascade Immunobiology, LLC, a biotechnology consulting service. He is also the Head of Biomarkers and a consulting immunologist for the biotechnology company Celimmune. He has more than 25 years of innovative research and team leadership experience in academic and biotechnology settings.

Dr Butz received his Ph.D. in Microbiology at the University of Minnesota where he worked on acute virus infection-induced immune suppression. In post doctoral training at the University of Washington in the laboratory of Dr. Michael J. Bevan, Dr Butz made seminal observations of anti-viral CD8 T cells responses to acute virus infections and T cell/antigen presenting cell interactions.

Following his post-doctoral training he joined Immunex where his work on T-cell / dendritic cell interactions and dendritic cell biology led to several patents. At Amgen Dr. Butz led projects ranging from target discovery and validation through phase II clinical development. His research focused largely on inflammatory diseases, with some work on immune-oncology projects. He has worked with antibodies, soluble receptors, small molecules, antibody-drug conjugates and novel strategies to alter cytokine-receptor interactions and to improve cell specific drug targeting. At Amgen he was Scientific Research Lead for AMG 714, a first in class fully human clinical monoclonal antibody able to block interleukin-15 activity in cis and in trans.  This molecule has shown promise in rheumatoid arthritis. Dr Butz has been responsible for the design and implementation of biomarker strategies for an on-going phase II trial being conducted by Celimmune to evaluate the safety and efficacy of AMG 714 in treating type II refractory celiac disease, an in situ small bowel T cell lymphoma.

He has extensive experience in drug development and is able to provide significant scientific insight and leadership for preclinical therapeutic projects. He can provide you with valuable insights to help avoid future problems in drug development by making better informed decisions early in a projects evolution and assist in optimally positioning a product for presentation to prospective partners.