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Donald L. Sodora, Ph.D.

307 Westlake Ave N. Ste 500 Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 256-7413

Lab Staff

Matthew Wood, Postdoctoral Fellow
Bridget Fisher, Postdoctoral Fellow
Rachel Brown, Research Technician
Adrianna Lippy, Research Technician
Alexandria McCarthy, Undergrad Intern
Donald L. Sodora, Ph.D.
Professor, Professor, Center for Infectious Disease Research (Formerly Seattle Biomed) | Affiliate Assoc. Professor, University of Washington, Department of Global Health

The Sodora laboratory has a long-standing interest in assessing the earliest events following transmission of HIV. Our ongoing study evaluates the potential role for immune activation and inflammation to impact the transmission and disease progression of HIV.

A second area of interest is to understand how the infection of HIV results in the immunologic and clinical signs associated with AIDS. Our goal is to identify immune therapeutic approaches that reduce inflammatory responses in the liver and mucosal sites to inhibit progression to disease.

Our third area of interest is to understand the interaction of Mycobacteria (such as Mycobacteria tuberculosis (Mtb)) and HIV that results in increased morbidity and mortality associated with these two diseases. These studies are designed to identify new therapies that can be employed in HIV infected patients that improve disease outcomes with Mycobacterial infections.

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