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Daniel B. Stetson, Ph.D.

750 Republican Street, E453 Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 543-6633

Lab Staff

Damion Winship
Elizabeth (Betsy) Gray
Hannah Volkman
Jonathan Clingan
Kathleen Pestal
Katie Slavens
Laura Lau
Michelle Brault
Stephanie Cambier
Ty Crowl
Daniel B. Stetson, Ph.D.
CIIID Signaling Core Co Leader | Associate Professor, Immunology

Research in the Stetson lab focuses on mechanisms by which cells detect and respond to foreign nucleic acids. We explore this broad area through complementary approaches: defining sensors and signaling pathways that mediate innate immune detection of nucleic acids; uncovering new viral antagonists of the innate antiviral response; and studying the underlying mechanisms of human autoimmune diseases caused by inappropriate activation of these pathways.

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