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Amy EL Stone, Ph.D.

750 Republican Street, E360 Seattle, WA 98109
Amy EL Stone, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow Trainee, University of Washington School of Medicine, Departments of Immunology and Global Health

My primary research interest lies in the innate immune response to RNA viruses.  In particular, the initial interactions between host cells and incoming virions.  My favored approaches include thorough examination of the cellular and molecular defenses utilized by immune and non-immune cells in response to viruses in order to define the initial, critical steps of host-pathogen interactions. The ideal end result of my translational research is to develop novel therapeutic strategies to treat RNA virus infections. I also have a keen interest in training.  I have mentored undergraduate and high school students in my doctoral thesis lab that are currently pursuing careers in medicine and medical research. Additionally, I am currently the Program Leader of the Center for Innate Immunity and Immunological Diseases (CIIID) Education Core.