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Koios School Field Trip Program

Koios Program Application

Welcome to the Koios program offered by the University of Washington's Center for Innate Immunity and Immune Disease (CIIID). This application is for science educators who would like their class to be considered for the Koios field trip program. Please also note that a 1 page essay describing why you are interested in the Koios program and how you would integrate the Koios curriculum into your current curriculum and a letter of support from your principal are required to complete the application. These documents should be emailed to Your application is not considered complete until both of these documents have been received. Thank you for your interest in the Koios program.

 Applications are reviewed twice yearly. The Fall cut-off date is August 31st and the Spring cut-off date is February 28th. Applications received after these dates will be considered for the next term. Applicants will be notified of decisions within one month of the term cut-off date.


Email us to ask questions about any of our programs, help with an application or to find out how you can get involved in our programs.

Koios School Field Trip Program                        

The Center for Innate Immunity (CIIID) Koios program is a hands-on field trip experience at the University of Washington. Named after the Greek titan of Intellect, this program focuses on introducing middle and high school students to a biomedical research lab that works in the area of infection and immunity. Teachers should apply for their middle school or high school science classes. Each selected class/teacher will be paired with 1-2 Koios mentors. These mentors will work closely with the teachers and the students to provide an immersive, educational experience. The program offers a set curriculum that provides an introduction to microbiology, immunology, epidemiology and science as a career. Initially, the Koios mentors will meet with the teachers and other school officials to plan the visit and customize the curriculum for the individual class. Next, the Koios mentors come on-site to the school to give a didactic lecture and start the hands-on lab. Finally, within a month of the Koios mentor visit, the students take a field trip to the UW Medicine Lake Union Campus for a half-day filled with science. During the field trip, students will rotate through 4 stations that include a lab tour, learning to pipet, learning about dilutions, concluding their hands-on lab and an interactive discussion of a current disease outbreak.  

We offer this free program to 2 schools per year: one in fall (Oct-Nov) and one in the spring (Apr-May). Exact dates will depend on the selected schools’ schedules. Applications are reviewed twice yearly. Fall cut-off date is August 31st and Spring cut-off date is February 28th. Applications received after these dates will be considered for the next term. Applicants will be notified of decisions within one month of the term cut-off date.

This program is designed to foster scientific literacy and an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines, particularly biomedical sciences and Innate Immunology. The Koios program provides all associated program materials. The students will develop several basic lab skills including lab techniques, lab safety, organization and lab notebook/records-keeping.

This program is designed for highly engaged middle school and high school level science classes that are local to the Seattle Metro area. Classes will be selected from a pool of highly qualified applicants. Educators will apply for their school and classes. We can accommodate up to 70 middle school students or 40 high school students.

Field trip occurs at the University of Washington’s South Lake Union campus (750 Republican St, Seattle, WA 98109).

Think your class would like to be a Koios class?

Here is a list of what you need to have to apply. Please collect these items prior to beginning the application.                

  • Your School’s full name and address
  • Class statistics (i.e. Number of students in your class, grade/age levels)              
  • 1 page Essay describing why you want to be part of the Koios program and how you would integrate our curriculum into your current curriculum. 
    • Single spaced, single sided page, 1 inch margins, 12 pt Arial or Times New Roman font. 
    • Please include a header that contains your name and email address.
    • This should be emailed to upon completion of your online application            
  • Name and email address of your principal
  • Short answer questions (limit 100 words per answer)
    • How you track educational outcomes for your students.       
      • Examples include exam scores, standardized test scores, college admissions, taking additional science classes later in their education. 
    • Current integration on microbiology, immunology and epidemiology in your curriculum, if any
    • Current covered content in your class

Other items      

We also require a letter of support from the school principal. We request that these letters be sent directly to us at In your application, we will ask for the name(s) and email address(es) for your principal. We will then send them an invitation to submit a letter of support. Your application is not considered complete until both the letter of support and the essay have been received.

A Successful applicant will have:

  • Dedication to fostering student interest science, particularly biology/immunology
  • Encourages students to attend college and pursue STEM disciplines
  • Strong support from principal and other educators at the school  
  • Dedication and commitment to the program for the entire period including follow-up
  • Local to Seattle Metro Area and able to provide their own transportation to and from UW’s South Lake Union Campus (750 Republican St) for the students (i.e. can provide the funding for the buses for the field trip)